FTP through a proxy server: problems and solutions,FTP through HTTP/SOCKS proxy

FTP through a proxy server: problems and solutions

Depending on what exactly you want to do with FTP and on the type of proxy server you might have different problems during work with FTP through proxy. Bu, first of all we would like to inform you: any type of work with FTP through proxy server can be done only if you connect to FTP server in passive mode!

Work with FTP through SOCKS proxy

Download files from FTP through SOCKS proxy

It is very easy to do it. If you use any type of download manager which supports work over SOCKS proxy, you will be able to download files over FTP through SOCKS without any problems (you only should set up the work with FTP in passive mode).

The file management on FTP through SOCKS proxy

Once again, without any problems. Since SOCKS proxy supports any TCP/IP packets, then you can manage files on FTP server: upload to server, delete, replace, change attributies and anything else.

Work with FTP over FTP proxy

FTP proxy is specially intended for the work over FTP protochol, so you can easily use it in the same way as SOCKS proxy - you will don't have any problems in working with FTP server through FTP proxy, if you certainly use passive mode.

Work with FTP through HTTP proxy

This is the most frequent situation, which causes much more problems. Let us examine its in details.

download files from FTP through HTTP proxy

This operation is being acomplished without any problems principly, but only if your HTTP proxy supports FTP protocol. It is easy to check the support of this protocol by proxy server: just open any ftp:// URL through a proxy. If the site opens, then problem is solved: you can download files from FTP using this proxy server. But if the contents of FTP server are not opening , it means that your HTTP proxy does not support FTP.

You have only one way - use gateways to the access to FTP server. These gateways can be CGI proxies (see below how to use its) or WebFTP clients, which allows working with files on FTP server through HTTP protocol.

The file management on FTP through HTTP proxy

You can manage files over FTP (upload files on FTP server, delete/create files and folders, etc.) without any problems only if your HTTP proxy supports HTTPS protocol (HTTP+SSL). In this case you can make port mapping to FTP server using the program like Socks Connector, or use programs that can redirect your TCP/IP traffic through HTTPS proxy server (for example Socks2HTTP, SocksChain, SocksCap). If your HTTP proxy doesn't support HTTPS, you have only one way - use WebFTP clients. Article from [freeproxy].[info]